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The art of healthy hair

Ruth became involved with Joico back in the 1990's, when opening her first buisness. Ruth loved the brand and what they stood for as a company, they believe in healthy happy strong hair.

Which is why 25 years on we are still a Joico Salon.

The philosophy of Joico

Joico Products are designed to create the strongest, shinest, healthist hair, after every use.

Joico colours, are designed that not only do they colour your hair they actually reconstruct the hair while colouring. Meaning your hair is stronger and healthier after every colour service.  

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Experienced and highly skilled

Ruth and Lucy have been on a variety of course with Joico. We have both completed our Joico colour artist awards.


Joico at Bodmin House Hairdressing


Joico Eco-commitment

In 2011 Joico Launched their revolutionary hybrid bio-plastic packaging meaning our all joico bottles are made of up to 70% recycled plastic. All card board is made up of 100% recycled card board.

As of 2011, Joico became one of the first company in the USA to have a carbon neutral footprint.

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